Discover Belgian industrial heritage

Bricks, beer and much more

Perugia between history and crafts

Maiolica, wines, textile museums and traditions

Malta as you have never seen before

Come and discover it

Province of teruel Mudejar architecture but not only

Spirituality and craftsmanship

Hungary you do not know

Blue dying, porcelain production, beer making


Are you looking for a different and unusual trip? Do you want to make a new tourist experience? This is the mission of GENIUS LOCI: to enhance tourism related to industrial heritage, discovering and enhancing museums, ecomuseums, business archives, old industrial factories and agritourism companies. Genius Loci proposes to discover "the know-how of a place" to remain fascinated by its traditional and artisan productions of excellent quality preserved and handed down from generation to generation to this day. For real passinate but not only. Discover the itineraries inside the portal..